Remo Vinzens

Remo Vinzens

Remo Vinzens was born on 22 December 1975 in east Switzerland. He was taught by Kristina Walter in Cologne and Klaus Maria Brandauer

In 2001 for the entire year he devoted himself exclusively to the theatrical classics. Well regarded as an up and coming actor who’s talent stretched to doing very demanding roles. He’s constantly working on himself and his acting recognition be it as Marquis of Posa (Schiller) or as Hamlet (Shakespeare). Late 2001, he became a member of the “Swiss stage artist federation”. At the end of the year 2002 follows several movie and television commercials and short movies to make the first steps in front of the cameras.

In fall of 2003, the IFS offered him the possibility to act and to study dramatics in front of the camera with Klaus Maria Brandauer in Cologne. This experience proved to be very beneficial for the up and coming actor. In October 2003 Vinzens became a member of the “Brandauer Ingenuus Ensemble”... weiterlesen

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