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  • Von Hokkaido bis Okinawa - Das japanische Kino und Ich

    Eine Liebe die seit ihrem absurden Anfang nie aufhörte zu blühen. Egal in welcher Ecke des Weltkinos ich mich aufhalte, irgendwie zieht es mich imm...

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  • Vergesst den Kanon - Das chinesische Kino und Ich

    Wie bei der japanischen Liste auch, gilt diese hier mehr als Chronik in der ich all die Filme aus dieser mir so wichtig gewordenen Kinonation auffa...

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  • Mikio Naruse

    Ø 8,4

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  • John Ford

    “I hate the cinema." Ø 8,2

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  • Brian De Palma

    "The whole system is changing. You used to go out and make a movie. Our generation, we wanted to take over the studios. Which we did. I think ...

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  • Kenji Mizoguchi

    "I have not yet made a film that pleases me." Ø 7,3

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  • Manoel de Oliveira

    "Cinema in general, and not just European cinema, is the last of the arts in date order. And like all the arts, it’s a ghost of reality. Reali...

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  • Patrick Tam

    "[...]Because when you are creating a work, it is about structuring and about the positioning of all creative elements --music, lighting, acti...

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  • Frederick Wiseman

    "I hope there’s enough information in my films that a viewer can disagree with me." Ø 7,5

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  • Abel Ferrara

    "I come from a different world. A success to me... Any of these films are great successes. If someone tries to tell me that The Blackout ain&#...

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  • Johnnie To

    “Hollywood can't do this. But we can: we can change things whenever we want.” Ø 6,6

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  • Hou Hsiao-hsien

    "You have to find the right way to approach the right subject for yourself. No one can do that for you. You may not be aware of your great pot...

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  • Tsai Ming-liang

    " [...] Aus diesem Grund verdichte ich immer meine Fragen in einen Körper. Natürlich bin ich an den sozialen Problemen interessiert, aber ich ...

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  • Kiyoshi Kurosawa

    "Whether my material is human beings or landscape or cityscape, each time it winds up either gently undermining the rules of the genre or oddl...

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  • King Hu

    "The audience is the camera. I don’t want the audience to sit and watch, I want it to move." Ø 8,0

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  • Jacques Tourneur

    “I look for very strong visual unity by using a type of framing and camera movement that is very simple. Everything must come from inside. It mustn...

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  • Hong Sang-soo

    "I don’t have a hobby! The only thing is that I drink. But even these days I drink less than I used to. Now I drink twice a week, before it wa...

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  • Michael Mann

    "I don't underestimate audiences' intelligence. Audiences are much brighter than media gives them credit for. When people went to a mo...

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  • Michael Cimino

    "Nobody lives without making mistakes. I never second-guess myself. You can't look back. I don't believe in defeat. Everybody has bump...

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  • Edward Yang

    "Creativity is first how are you going to tell a story and second, how are you going to convince a friend to lend you the money." Ø 8,4

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  • Tsui Hark

    "Emotion is the most essential element in my films. By taking many shots from different angles, I can bring out the emotions of a scene. The s...

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  • Yoshishige Yoshida

    "[...] In my school they use to screen films for us, and I remember vividly the time they showed us Kurosawa's No Regrets for Our Youth (W...

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  • Monte Hellman

    "The idea of the road movie as a separate genre is, in a way, a little absurd because every movie is in some way a road movie. Siegfried Kraka...

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  • Robert Bresson

    "The most important will be the most hidden"

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  • Apichatpong Weerasethakul

    "Uncle Boonmee is very much about cinema, that’s also why it’s personal. If you care to look, each reel of the film has a different style—acti...

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  • Jia Zhangke

    I only see what I want to see. Within China, I’ve been attacked by critics. I’ve been frequently accused of making films that show a negative side ...

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  • Tony Scott

    "I always get criticized for style over content, unlike Ridley's films that go into the classic box right away. Mine sort of hover. Maybe ...

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  • Paul W.S. Anderson

    "I think you get immersion in two ways. One is there’s depth behind the screen, but also, I feel there’s times where you want to use space in ...

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  • John Carpenter

    "Movies are pieces of film stuck together in a certain rhythm, an absolute beat, like a musical composition. The rhythm you create affects the...

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  • 2016

    Liebste Erstsichtungen 2016. Ohne Rangfolge. War nett.

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  • Schönste Entdeckungen - 2015

    Hatte eigentlich gedacht mein Filmjahr 2015 sei eher mau verlaufen, wenn ich mir aber so ansehe was ich hier alles in die Liste gepackt habe dann m...

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  • My Sweet Little Diary


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  • Schönste Entdeckungen - 2013

    Da ich Top 10 Listen überhaupt nicht mag, kein Kritiker bin um von einem großen Pensum an verschiedenen Filmen ein Jahr in zehn Filme zusammenzufas...

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  • 11 für 2015

    2015 war ok. Viele gute Filme gesehen, einige (wahrscheinlich gute) noch nicht. So wie immer eben. Wird eventuell erweitert wenn ich Lust habe.

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  • Nicht hier, nicht da. Reise durch Taiwans Neue Welle(n).

    Eine Reise duch die zwei Wellen welche das nationale Kino Taiwans revitalisirten sollten und es zu einem der angesehensten auf internatonaler Ebene...

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  • Akira Kurosawa's 100 Lieblingsfilme

    Diese Liste zeichnet sehr schön wie ich finde das Bild eines Menschen der es nicht nur geliebt hat Kino selber zu machen sondern auch Kino selber z...

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